Israel pak hok pai

min lui chum sau


What is realy unique about White Crane system (pak hok pai) is tha it is complete.

Or-Dutt-to, the Tibetan monk who began the tradition of Pak Hok Pai, created the Needle Raped In Cotton Hand (min lui cham sau). It is basically the Tibetan equivalent of Chinese Tai Chi Chuan.

Needle Raped In Cotton Hand - the name of art implies its fundamental nature. Bulging soft cotton on the outside, surrounding the hard and sharp needle inside it. This art combines the complete physical and mental health. It teaches the soft, yin quality and the hard, Yang quality, with the harmonic combination of them, that gives the complete Tai Chi . with this art we can study the infinite interaction between Yin and Yang, that maintain the universe.

During practicing techniques that provide metaphors exist in nature, through body movement, correct breathing, intuition and thought, we can learn how to act harmonically with ourselves and our environment.

The practice cleanses the body and mind and stimulates the flow of qi in the meridians - the energy channels.

The Soft Cotton - As a soft martial art, min lui chum,is practiced slowly with low muscle tone. The movements are flowing, and over time, they create it selves. There is a saying that describes the stages of practice "At first the thought lead your body, then breathing leads the body and at the end the qi (natural energy) leads the body." As the final step happens, things just happen. Movement, in response to the environment, becomes fluid on its own and is not a set of techniques performed by the practitioner directed him self into the muscles, so that they will move the body.At that stage, the leg muscles move the body, and the upper part of it is completely free and controlled by them. The internal organs are free to operate effectively and healthier.

The Hard needle – The slow exercise strengthens the practitioner in two ways –

1.physically -In everyday life we often act sharply, speedy and with heavy body mass. To act in such a way, the body uses white muscle cells that allows it to perform massive acts, which require large muscle mass. On the other hand, to act slowly and gently, the body uses red muscle cells that are designed for activities that does not require a quick and sharp contraction. You can understand that on every day life, we usually do not use these parts of the muscles.

2.Mind – straightening the mind happens with the very slow repetitions of body techniques and the mind intention that direct it. Also with being aware of every step of the movement process.

When both the mind and the body are coordinated and united, and the breath is also coordinated with them, the Qi flows strongly in the body, keeping it healthy, and out of it, making its function better.

Sifu Zachy Shohat demonstrating part  of the Min Lui Chum Sau


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